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Update: March 9, 2007
RTG mailing list has moved to lists.grdata.com.
Update: February 26, 2005
rtgplot for RTG 0.8 has been rewritten. See the rtgplot demo page for more details and an introduction to the new features.
Update: February 26, 2005
Please take a moment to help me with a measurement project: IP Spoofing Tester Thanks! -- rob

RTG is a flexible, scalable, high-performance SNMP statistics monitoring system. It is designed for enterprises and service providers who need to collect time-series SNMP data from a large number of targets quickly. All collected data is inserted into a relational database that provides a common interface for applications to generate complex queries and reports. RTG includes utilities that generate configuration and target files, traffic reports, 95th percentile reports and graphical data plots. These utilities may be used to produce a web-based interface to the data.

The unique features of RTG are:

RTG is written in C and utilizes the UCD/Net-SNMP and MySQL libraries. It is freely available under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The current version of RTG is 0.7.4.

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