RTG Version 0.8 Roadmap
Last Updated: November 21, 2003

The 0.7 version train of RTG was first released in August 2002. In the time since, the developers have relied on feedback from users to debug and add new features. We believe the latest version 0.7.4 of RTG to be, in large part, tested and stable.

However, experience and feedback has demonstrated the need for many new features as well as the ability to more generally support any unanticipated future features. Because of this need, the RTG developers are planning new capabilities that will be incompatible with the 0.7 version train. While we believe the impact of these changes to be minimal relative to the long-term gain, we wish to state them explicitly here and solicit feedback in this version 0.8 roadmap.

RTG Version 0.8 Significant Changes:

  1. Free-form name/value pairs for target list.
    This removes the fixed format structure of the current target list and allows any new per-target features to be easily added. For example:
    host {
       community public;
       snmpver 2;
       target . {
          bits 64;
          table ifInOctets_1;
          id 1;
          speed 100000000;
          descr "Blah blah blah";
       target . {
          bits 64;
          table ifOutOctets_1;
          id 1;
          speed 100000000;
          descr "Blah blah blah";
    Old target lists and scripts will not be compatible with the new format.

  2. Storing and retrieving timestamps in UNIX (seconds since epoch) or GMT time.
    This removes any timezone dependencies and time change problems. We are evaluating the pros and cons of which time system to adopt. Existing RTG databases must be converted (a conversion script and procedure will be provided).

  3. New systematic rtgplot interface.
    For instance:
    Plot object "data":
    where index     = unique index of a data element
          table     = database table containing the data
          interface = interface identifier
    Plot object "line:
    where index       = unique line index
          data        = list of data elements for this line
          modifiers   = Aggregate, Math Function, 95th Percentile, etc.
          appearance  = Color, Filled, etc.
          description = Free form label
    Plot object "plot":

  4. Modularize rtgtargmkr.pl.
    Starting with Brian O'Neill's modification to rtgtargmkr.pl, we plan to modularize the script to easily support any MIB.

  5. Remove 3rd Party Libraries From Distribution.
    The distribution tarball currently includes the gd, png and zlib libraries to minimize compilation support requests. These libraries will be removed to eliminate incorrect dependencies, etc.

Note that no work has begun on version 0.8 - we are still in the planning stages. In order to minimize confusion and work for the developers, we are not adding any new features to the 0.7 train. We will update the 0.7 CVS only with bug fixes and may release another 0.7 version as needed. Instead, we will concentrate on adding new features into the 0.8 train. We have a backlog of feature patches submitted by generous users - these will be integrated into 0.8. We hope to release the first 0.8 version after the new year.

Feedback? We'd love to hear from you on the Mailing List.

-- Your friendly RTG developers...