rtg-0.8.1 (CVS Only) (Development Branch)
* Created 0.8 branch.
* Added daemon support, poller forks and detaches by default.
* Added syslog support, poller logs to syslog when daemon.
* Added thread cancellation logic.
* Added Postgres support.
* Added support for version 0.8 format target files.
* Removed Third Party Packages: gd, libpng, zlib.
* Autoconf changes to find gd, libpng, zlib.
* Autoconf cleaning.
* Fixed time routines to be 64-bit clean.
* Rewrote rtgplot, see man.  Rtgplot changes:
   Added plot border autosizing based on number of legends.
   Added graph titling
   Now possible to aggregate arbitrary device:interfaces
   Can aggregate dynamic (up to memory limit) number of interfaces 
* From: Bill Fumerola
   Complete rewrite of target parser using lexx/yacc grammar.
* Updated Simon Leinen's SNMP_Session to version 1.05 for bundled
   RTG Perl scripts
* From: Mark
   Patch to properly compute rtgplot average rates.
* From: Garry Thomas
   Patch to rtgplot so only successfully polled targets transition
   out of NEW to LIVE status.
* From: Ian Holsman
   Patch configure to specify database to Perl DBI scripts.
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch to fix rtgplot version label placement
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch to add rtgplot legend offset
* From: François Thoret
   Patch to cleanup x-axis labels

rtg-0.7.5 (CVS Only) (Maintenance Branch)
* Changed rtgpoll SQL insert statement to include column names so
   that new columns can be added without affecting rtgpoll.
* Fixed rtgplot legend routine so that legend padding is done properly.
* From: Chris Brotsos
   rtgtargmkr.pl fix to handle zero ifSpeeds.
* From: Josh Richard
   added dbprune script to /contrib

rtg-0.7.4 (2003-10-02)
* Added fast target hashing in rtgpoll.
* Added plotting of interface aggregates into rtgplot.
* Added multiple simultaneous interface plotting into rtgplot.
* Added y-scaling by interface speed support into rtgplot.  
* Added arbitrary image and border sizing into rtgplot.
* Added using autoconf defined --prefix as search path for rtg.conf.
* Added graph fill of area under plot lines into rtgplot.
* Added rtgpoll option (-m) to skip checking for multiple instances.
* Added rtgpoll option (-z) to force database insertion for zero deltas.
* Added per-target result upper bounds based on ifSpeed and polling
* Added debug file pointer; allows writing debug info to file while 
   running rtgplot via CGI.
* Added contrib directory to top-level distribution tree.
* Added libz probing in configure; cleaned up probing logic.
* Changed autoconf SNMP library probing order to detect Net-SNMP first.
* Changed autoconf and code to use strtoll() if possible.
* Audit code for potential buffer overflows; modified all code to use 
   strncpy(), snprintf, and sscan with width specifier.
* Modified all php to use full tags instead of short tags.
* Thread code cleaned and logic improved.
* Fixed bug in rtgplot that incorrectly counted skewed measurements
   in rate max and average.
* From: Chris Brotsos
   Support for per-target maximum polled values.
* From: Chris Brotsos
   Patch to allow ASN_INTEGER/ASN_OPAQUE type responses. 
* From: Shayne Smyth
   Patch to allow ASN_TIMETICKS type responses.
* From: Chris Brotsos
   Patch to implement a PID file and additional signal catching.
* From: Joost Lek
   Support for Nth percentile lines in rtgplot.
* From: Chris Brotsos
   Patch to allow rtgplot to determine last database value when last
   delta occurs outside of queried range.
* From: Michal Szczotka
   Patch to fix division by zero in 95.pl and report.pl.
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch for extending YPLOT_AREA with GAUGE data lines to allow visibility. 
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch for allowing configurable HighSkewSlop and LowSkewSlop (See README).
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch to implement factor logic with GAUGE data.
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Modularized rtgtargmkr included in contrib.
* From: Brian T. O'Neill
   Patch to properly read large interface speeds from database.

rtg-0.7.3 (2003-02-08)
* Fixed bug in poller() where last_value object was improperly updated
   when polled device did not respond.
* Fixed rtgplot.cgi to support apache2.
* Fixed read_rtg_config() to handle comments and arbitrary ordering.
* Fixed NULL pointer crash in rtgsnmp.c snmp_free_pdu().
* Fixed rtgplot to detect, compensate and properly plot missed polls.
* Fixed rtgplot to time-align samples between multiple data sources
   when scalex is defined and the data (in database) for one begins
   before the other.
* Fixed FreeBSD autoconf support.
* Added gauge (absolute SNMP counter) support.
* Added config directive to specify SNMP version (1 or 2).
* Added config directive to specify number of threads.
* Added timestamp to poll begin/complete messages.
* Added poll round counter to poll complete messages.
* Added shading to rtgplot.c
* Added red arrow showing direction of growth to rtgplot graphs.
* Added autoconf detection for libz if required by MySQL.
* Added 95.php, 95th percentile report PHP web script.
* Added view.php, an MRTG-style day/week/month display for RTG in PHP.
* Modified all .pl and .php scripts to find and read from the 
   master rtg.conf first, then fall back to defaults.
* Modified rtgtargmkr.pl to read counter bit size from routers
   configuration file to allow size to be specified per router.
* Modified sleepy() routine to use usleep calls making the sleep
   interval exact and the period between polls accurate.
* Modified rtgtargmkr.pl to write out IPs instead of hostnames so
   that DNS failures do not impact collection.
* Aligned rate text in rtgplot.c properly.
* Updated Simon Leinen's included SNMP_Session to version 0.94 (used 
   by rtgtargmkr.pl).
* From: Jon Dustin
   Patch to rtgtargmkr.pl to perform case insensitive checking of
   reserved interfaces.
* From: Stephen Fromm
   Patch to configure to deal with multiple MySQL installs.

rtg-0.7.2 (2002-10-04)
* Fixed report.pl to handle interfaces with zero speed gracefully.
* Rewrote autoconf to detect either UCD-SNMP or Net-SNMP.
* Fixed incompatibility with ucd/net-snmp versions >= 5.x.  Poller now 
   fixed to use only 5.x SNMP functions.
* Fixed bad SQL update statement in rtgtargmkr.pl
* Made rtgtargmkr.pl Cisco Catalyst aware.
* Added time range argument to 95th percentile report
* From: David A. Snodgrass
   Patch to rtgtargmkr.pl to handle interface descriptions with quotes.

rtg-0.7.1 (2002-08-28)
* Fixed bad overflow with 64-bit SNMP counters.
* Fixed database schema to accommodate long interface names.
* Fixed rtgtargmkr.pl router file parsing.
* Fixed rtgtargmkr.pl bug handling descriptions with trailing whitespace.
* From: Adam Rothschild
   Patch to report.pl to specify time periods.
* From: David A. Snodgrass
   Changed createdb MySQL permissions to be more restrictive.
* From: Omachonu Ogali
   Patch to rtgtargmkr.pl to support per-device communities.

rtg-0.7 (2002-08-07)
* Major rewrite of poller to be entirely multi-threaded.  Assumes
   full pthreads support and MySQL thread-safe client support.  
* Autoconf fixes to support FreeBSD -pthreads, Solaris thread
   compiler flags, checks for long longs.
* Changed insert date to NOW() function to reflect SQL server's current
   time.  This removes any synchronization issues in the RTG pollers.
* Fixed SIGHUP initiated memory leak.
* Cleaned up installation and installation scripts.
* Added Perl DBI reports.
* Added Perl target file maintainer script.
* From: David A. Snodgrass
   Patch to createdb to include autoconf MySQL path

rtg-0.6 (2002-07-23)
* Added randomization of target list to "even out" SNMP query load on 
   network devices.
* Made the out-of-range value (a sanity check to make sure the value is
   not larger than it could possibly be) configurable from the RTG
   configuration file (rtg.conf).
* Fixed plot scaling issues.