Last Updated: April 6, 2005

Please help support the RTG community.  The following items need work and
are roughly in order of importance.  Some tasks are already in progress;
please contact the owner first if you'd like to help.  Thanks!

1. Allow negative gauge values in poller and plotter

2. Allow fractional factor argument to rtgplot

3. Display Nth percentile value in legend along with percentile line.

4. Add proper timezone support.

5. Integrate Brian O'Neill's targetmarker

6. Add "WithPeak" option to rtgplot; use averages otherwise

7. Modify database schema to track interface changes (description change,
removal, etc) over time.  Modify to use this schema.

8. Add in buffering mechanism to buffer poll results in case the SQL 
database is down or unreachable, i.e. separate SQL insert thread pool.

9. Develop functionality for multiple rtgpoll clients to talk to one
another to provide distributed polling or some form of redundancy.

10. Need to add more graceful recovery from failed/restarted pollers.
Currently a poller that is restarted will look like a drop in 
traffic for the period of time the poller was down.

11. Develop Linux RPMs.

12. Add "pacing" to poller to specify a minimum inter-query rate
to a single device.

13. Add SNMPv3 support.

14. rtgplot trend lines.