RTG Example High-resolution Graphs:

These plots demonstrate the utility of an SNMP tool that is extremely fast and supports sub-one minute polling. In this example, the circuit was experiencing performance degradation however conventional tools saw the circuit only 50% utilized. Using RTG configured with a 30 second polling interval revealed that the traffic on the circuit was highly bursty.

Below, figure 1a shows the circuit bit rate as seen by RTG with 5 minute sampling where as figure 1b shows the same circuit over the same time period with 30 second sampling. The contrast is clear, while the 5 minute plot shows a peak rate of ~63 Mbps, the 30 second plot shows a peak input rate of 140 Mbps. Data averaging would mask this type of problem even further, particularly as the data aged.

(a) 5 minute samples(b) 30 second samples
Figure 1. Bit Rates

(a) 5 minute samples(b) 30 second samples
Figure 2. Packet Rates

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